Export Timeflux apps as images.

This module can be imported or used as a standalone tool. It is quite useful to visually inspect complex apps. It offers a graphical representation of multiple direcred acyclic graphs. It uses Graphviz under the hood, and outputs the dot representation on the standard output, so it can optionnally be redirected to a file for further processing.


python -m timeflux.helpers.viz foobar.yaml


timeflux.helpers.viz.yaml_to_png(filename, format='png', sort=False)[source]

Generate an image from a YAML application file.

  • filename (string) – The path to the YAML application file.

  • format (string) – The image format. Default: png.

  • sort (boolean) – If True, the graphs will be sorted in the same topological order that is used to run the application. Default: False.