timeflux.core.node module

Node base class.

class timeflux.core.node.Node[source]

Bases: abc.ABC


Instantiate the node.


Iterate through ports.

If name ends with the globbing character (*), the generator iterates through all existing ports matching that pattern. Otherwise, only one port is returned. If it does not already exist, it is automatically created.


name (string) – The matching pattern.


(tupple) – A tupple containing:

  • name (string): The full port name.

  • suffix (string): The part of the name matching the globbing character.

  • port (Port): The port object.


Reset all ports.

It is assumed that numbered ports (i.e. those with a name ending with an underscore followed by numbers) are temporary and must be completely removed. All other ports are simply emptied to avoid the cost of reinstanciating a new Port object before each update.

abstract update()[source]

Update the input and output ports.


Perform cleanup upon termination.