Source code for timeflux_ml.utils.sklearn_helpers

from sklearn.pipeline import Pipeline
from timeflux_ml.utils.import_helpers import make_object

[docs]def make_pipeline(steps, params): """ Args: steps (dict): (name, module_name, method_name) Tuples to specify steps of the pipeline to fit. params (dict): string -> object. Parameters passed to the fit method of each step, where each parameter name is prefixed such that parameter `p` for step `s` has key `s__p`. Returns: pipeline: sklearn Pipeline object. """ step_estimators = [] for step_name, step_fullname in steps.items(): step_estimator = make_object(step_fullname) step_estimators.append((step_name, step_estimator)) pipeline = Pipeline(steps=step_estimators) try: pipeline.set_params(**params) except ValueError: raise ValueError("Could not set params of pipeline. Check the validity. ") return pipeline